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  • Books - Semi-public calibre-web instance of my entire digital library, guest is welcome.
  • BookStack - This wiki
  • FreshRSS - RSS/Atom reader - Used to be tt-rss but the developer isn't the nicest human being
  • HasteBin - A pretty pastebin
  • PrivateBin - A secure pastebin
  • Jitsi Meet - Self-hosted Jitsi instance(Currently down)
  • SmokePing - Checks and graphs latency
  • Minecraft -
  • Mumble - Running a server for Mumble VOIP (murmur)
  • Speedtest- A speedtest on one my Scaleway VPSs. Limited to 200/200 and definitely not always reaching that, so take it with a grain of salt
  • IP detection - I was annoyed that most sites didn't show both your IPv4, IPv6 and local IPs, so I made my own. You can curl or to get a plaintext response with your IP.
  • Protocol decode tool - Made for my A4TECH mice
  • Text replacer - Text Mechanic alternative
  • Radio - Tauon Music Box lets you broadcast, so sometimes I do so
  • Syncplay - - a SyncPlay server
  • PS3 Game Update finder - Because the other tools are unavailable nowadays


  • Keycloak - Authentication service
  • Icinga - Monitoring of my services
  • Mail (Administration) - So I can use this domain for email
  • Matomo - FOSS Google Analytics
  • Nextcloud - Hosted on my own hardware - for friends/family. Can be used for file hosting, contacts, video calling, listening to music etc.
  • Wekan - TODO lists


  • Scaleway - VPS
  • Private Internet Access - 99$/3 years VPN
  • Netflix - Paying Turkish prices
  • Youtube - for listening to music and watching/uploading videos
  • Deezer - For ripping most music I can find through Deezloader Remix.