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Lots of services give you different prices depending on which region you appear to be from.
Here is a handy wiki page explaining the concept.

This page documents the various services I use and their caveats.

Keep in mind that trying to cheat this system breaks TOS of practically all services.


Bandcamp charges you VAT if your IP is from a country where VAT is collected, as opposed to for example Israel.


Geopricing sheet

Netflix has not only different pricing but the service they offer can differ. For example, in Turkey they offer a plan not available anywhere else, a very low-cost mobile plan.

You should be able to set up payments via any debit card for any region as long as your IP is from that region. For example you could use a Turkish proxy to have the service for half the price, you only ever need to appear from TL IP while you set up the payment method.

Netflix's library content is based on your current IP.


Steam store's regional pricing is set by game publishers and can vary a lot, but places with bad economy generally have cheap games, with Turkey being the best as of writing due to Turkish Lira crashing a lot.

Currently, at first payment after your account's creation your account's geolocation is decided. You can change it once per 3 months, and you need an IP and payment method of the country you're changing to, simply change the country checkout when you're buying something.

You can only charge up or pay for a game through a valid payment method in the region you're buying the game in.

You should always shop from the same country's IP, as of 2022-08 Valve has apparently taken notice of this trick and started soft-changing the region of the account.

Around 2023-07, Valve has stopped providing gift cards to Turkey, Argentina and possibly others.

You can, however, activate a digital or physical* steam gift card from any region**, currency will autoconvert.

* Digital cards can only be sent to people you've been friends for 3+ days with
** Any region as long as the currency gap is not too large(?), gifting from EUR to Turkey or Argentina will give a There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance. error for example

To activate a georestricted game:

  • Your account needs to match the region of the game(maybe?)
  • You need to have an IP from the region your account is from
  • The last IP that has logged into the desktop client (or ASF) has to be from the same region
  • No recent (1hr?) logins from other regions to the desktop client (or ASF)

To make a purchase with a debit/credit card, it must not have been used on 4 other accounts previously, it seems.

Some games change their language availability depending on your region. Such is always noted in a warning on the store page for the game however.


Looks like Mexico is one of the cheapest regions to get membership through.

Regional IP only needed for payment. Takes any debit card if I recall correctly.

You can have a US, EU or RU account on Battle.Net(possibly more). This is decided at account creation time and changing this seems to require a valid ID and contacting support.

RU has most things for half the price, including World of Warcraft expansions and subscriptions.

While Battle.Net will actually let you use a debit card from any region, it will be declined and your payment refunded after a few hours. If you intend to have a RU account, you need to charge it up via a valid russian payment method or... game cards. Shady sites like have resellers that sell such cards with next to no profit.


Patreon charges you VAT if your account is set to a country where VAT is collected, as opposed to for example Israel.

Just use a russian proxy and your own debit card...

Youtube Premium Family

One of the cheapest regions for Premium is Turkey, as of writing it is priced at 116 TL/mo for a family plan for 6 people.

You will need a debit card from any region, a proxy/VPN that is actually good and the premium page will show you that the plan is available.

People you invite to share the family plan with need to be joining from the same geolocation as your account's address. If you have trouble with Alphabet thinking you're still located in a different country, you'll need to make sure that your Google Pay account is set to the same country as the host's address. If you have multiple Pay profiles, you may have to close the other ones. You can add them back afterwards.

Family groups aren't available for G Suite accounts.


Sending money via PayPal is tricky - sending as a product has less fees than sending as friends&family.

This calculator has worked for me in the past -


Turkey seems to be cheapest at 350TL/year

You will need a non-VPN (or at least not flagged) Turkish IP and the easiest way seems to be to get a Turkish Google account and pay via G2A prepaid cards through Play Store.