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Stolen from a Reddit comment somewhere:

  1. Test - before starting any topic, make sure your student has a grasp of the prerequisites by giving them simple tasks. Just because you have taught them the prerequisites a week ago does not mean that they didn't forget.

  2. When you are teaching them, talk as little as possible. The only thing you should be saying is the concepts.

  3. Ask lots of questions. I.e.: What is an object (expect them to repeat what you told them); What happens if (insert 10x different cases). Teach by asking.
    I can't emphasize this enough. When I teach, I never say more than 2 sentences without asking a question. Because you quickly realize that people have a hard time retaining more than 2-3 sentences at a time.

  4. Set 0 expectations. If you get frustrated it's because you have expectations. Many people have self confidence issues. Being disappointed will cause your students emotional stress and they will not be able to learn. They might start to avoid asking you questions...

  5. Listen. Many times, your students could be saying what you wanted to hear, but worded differently. Their analogy could have the same concept as yours but very different. Learn to recognize what students are saying.