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This page is a list of software I use.

I denote the license in brackets, I try to stick with software that is free and open-source, if a piece of software is not FOSS, source, I mark it red, as I do not want to recommend such, but it is what I am stuck with.


  • 7-Zip , p7zip (GPLv2 with unRAR restriction) - archiving tool
  • Arch Linux and Arch linux ARM as my OS for my computers and VPS
  • Arduino IDE (GPLv2/LGPL)
  • Calibre - Read ebooks, especially EPUBs
  • Charles (proprietary) – for HTTP monitoring
  • Cheat Engine (No license, source code available) – hacking flash games/SP games - Never attach this to games that use an anticheat unless you aren't afraid of being banned
  • Deezloader Remix (GPLv3+) - Download songs from Deezer
  • ffmpeg (LGPLv2.1+) – for simple video editing
  • Firefox (MPL 2), Chromium (BSD/MIT/LGPL) - Browsers I use. Chromium is an open-source browser that Chrome builds upon.
  • KDE Connect (GPL) - Connect your phone with your desktop - share clipboard, files, read SMS, control media players...
  • KeePassXC (GPL) - Cross-platform password manager, supports OTP (including Steam)
  • Krita (GPLv3), GIMP (GPL), digiKam (GPLv2) - tools for image editing/drawing
  • Libreoffice (various open/copyleft licenses) - An office suite. Be aware that OOXML standard that Microsoft Office uses by default is sometimes(very often) not displayed correctly anywhere, so get people to save in ODF formats instead.
  • MultiMC (Apache v2) - Minecraft launcher
  • Mumble (BSD, GPL), Riot (Apache v2), Telegram (GPLv3, proprietary server) - chat/voice/video clients with E2E encryption that are actually worth something. I use Telegram for stuff that can be insecure as they roll their own crypto and don't encrypt conversations and group conversations by default
  • Nvidia drivers (proprietary) – Since the open-source nouveau driver won't work properly unless Nvidia releases the necessary firmware blobs
  • OBS Studio (GPLv2+) - capturing video/streaming
  • qBitTorrent (GPLv2+) - A torrent client.
  • redshift (GPLv3) - tool for colorshifting to rest your eyes
  • smplayer (GPLv2+) with mpv (GPLv2) as a backend - to play videos
  • Steam (proprietary), GOG Galaxy (proprietary), Uplay (proprietary), Origin (proprietary), itch (MIT) - clients for games
  • SmoothVideoPlayer (proprietary) - to do on-the-fly video interpolation - let's me watch movies and shows in 144 FPS
  • Ventoy (GPLv3) - Create a multiboot flash drive that actually works
  • virt-manager (GPLv3+) and KVM/QEMU (GPLv2) – for virtualization
  • Visual Studio Code (MIT) - Plugins: Arduino, integration, indent-rainbow, gitlens, shellcheck
  • youtube-dl (The Unlicense) - video/audio downloader

Windows only

  • AIDA64 (7.20) (proprietary) – To get system specs, temps - Check here for newer version
  • Chocolatey (MIT) - A package manager
  • CrystalDiskInfo (MIT) - Monitoring tool for your drives and temperatures of your HW
  • Everything (proprietary) - Tool for searching your files and folders
  • HashCheck (BSD-style) - Add hash sum feature to the Properties tab of files
  • MSI afterburner (proprietary) + Kombustor (proprietary) – for GPU stressing, overclocking and checking on temperatures
  • Rufus (GPLv3+) – To create bootable flash drives when I’m stuck with Windows.
  • ShareX (GPLv3) - screenshotting, capturing video, editing screenshots
  • WinAuth (GPLv3)- 2-factor-authentication, has integration for custom 2FA like Steam,, ...
  • WinDirStat (GPLv2) - Tool for visualizing your disk space to help you clean useless stuff

Linux only

  • ANGRYsearch (GPLv2) - Tool for searching your files and folders
  • Flameshot (GPLv3) - Screenshot tool, lets you draw over the screenshot while taking it.
  • gparted (GPLv2+) - Partitioning tool. There is also a live image.
  • nano (GPL) and gedit (GPLv2) – For text editing since I’m too lazy to learn vim or emacs
  • pavucontrol (GPLv2) - sound mixer/audio control
  • QDirStat (GPLv2) - Tool for visualizing your disk space to help you clean useless stuff
  • Tauon Music Box (GPLv3+) - My favorite music player
  • WINE (LGPLv2.1+) - Windows compatibility layer - play Windows games/use Windows software


  • AdAway (GPLv3) - Blocks ads system wide, requires root
  • DriveDroid (proprietary) - Boot images from your phone
  • FreeOTP (Apache v2) - 2-factor-authentication, only has basic TOTP with no gimmicks
  • F-Droid - Open source store with open source apps.
  • KeePassDX (GPLv3+) - Using it to access my password database. Using Nextcloud to sync it.
  • NewPipe (GPLv3) - Youtube player with all the features you could ask for
  • Nextcloud (AGPLv3) – For cloud backup and file sharing
  • Open Camera (GPLv3) - Camera app
  • Google services (proprietary) - Gmail, account sync and such. I hope I can migrate all to Nextcloud sometime soon.
  • StreetComplete - Help make OpenStreetMap better!
  • Usb Mountr (MIT) - Fakes mass storage so you can boot an image from your phone instead of using a flash drive. Requires root.
  • WiFiAnalyzer (GPLv3) - Neat tool that shows APs, their settings and their signal strength. Doesn't show whether WPS is locked or not(Android API limitation).

Browser addons

  • Augmented Steam (GPLv3) - Chromium, Firefox - Makes the steam website stuck less

  • Auto Resume Downloads (MIT) - Chromium, GitHub - Automatically resume failed downloads, helpful on shoddy networks

  • AutoScroll (MIT) - Chromium - Middle click to scroll, just like in Windows

  • ClearURLs (LGPLv3) - Chromium Firefox GitHub- Remove tracking and other garbage from URLs

  • Dark Reader (MIT) - Chromium Firefox GitHub - Dark mode for the web, slightly buggy sometimes

  • EditThisCookie (GPLv3+) - Chromium - Cookie editor

  • Floccus (MPLv2)- GitHub - Sync my bookmarks across browsers from my Nextcloud server

  • Forever Pinned (proprietary, source code available) - Chromium - keep a set of tabs always pinned

  • HoverZoom+ (MIT) - Chromium - View video/images upon hover

  • Netflix 1080p (MIT) - Chromium GitHub - Play Netflix in 1080p and 5.1

  • Plasma Integration (GPLv3) - Chromium - For Plasma on Linux

  • Reddit Enhancement Suite (GPLv3) - Chromium - Make Reddit bearable

  • SponsorBlock (GPLv3) - Chromium Firefox GitHub - Skip specific segments on Youtube

  • SSL Grade (GPLv3) -Chromium - Test website's TLS settings on ssllabs and show their grade

  • Steam Database (BSD-3) - Chromium Firefox GitHub - Show links to SteamDB on Steam store pages

  • Tamper Monkey (GPLv3) - Chromium - Run various scripts

  • uBlock Origin (GPLv3) - Chromium, Firefox - Block ads, popups and similar stuff.

    • Make sure to enable extra filters:
      • Options -> Filter Lists -> Ads -> Adblock Warning removal list
      • Options -> Filter Lists -> Annoyances -> Fanboy’s Annoyance
  • User agent switcher (MPLv2) - GitHub - Switch UA to make sites display content I want